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About us and our mission of statement

Our mission is to protect Natural and Energetic Medicine from the greed and avarice of the companies and Ultra-Rich making money by killing people with addiction and dependency or misinformation. Certain companies continue to promote disease, destruction of the environment, killing for profit as they stop all who seek to expose their weaknesses. Certain phrases cannot be told or even discussed by the press because of Ultra-Rich Control of the media. Governments and law regulators everywhere are under control of the Ultra-Rich. IMUNE has been made in International waters immune from the oppressive force of the ‘Profit over People’ psychopathic corporations and the Ultra-Rich. Today one percent of one percent of the population own 33% of the world’s wealth and this 0.01% directly control 50%. The richest 85 families own 65 times more than half of what the world’s poorest people own, some 3.5 billion people. As the rich get richer the poor get robbed to be poorer and IMUNE is built to protect Natural, Energetic Medicine, Compassion and Humanistic Charity.

And yet IMUNE is dedicated to evidenced based medicine. We highly value and insist on validation and verification of what we teach or disclosure of techniques that are experimental and yet unproven. We at IMUNE are dedicated to “First Don’t Hurt” so anything taught must be evidently safe and natural or disclaimed as different.

We at IMUNE believe strongly in the Power of the Human Mind and the Positive Spiritual Ways that have made evidence by the ultimate test of validation, The Test Of Time.

We will inspire and empower people to actively participate in taking control of their health, through natural, holistic and energetic means and the ultimate in 22st century technology.

We provide the rules and the tools to experience vitality and maximize the abilities of humanity. Like all great research universities, IMUNE has a tripartite mission: to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge in Natural and Energetic Medicine. IMUNE aims to carry out each part of its mission at the highest level of excellence, on par with the best institutions in the world. IMUNE seeks to attract a diverse group of exceptionally talented natural Health practitioners, men and women from across the planet and to educate them to become the best in the field of alternative and complementary medicine.
IMUNE University is innovative and futuristic in spirit and utilizes its multi-facetted possibilities using state of the art technology to attract outstanding faculty, staff and students.
Carl Jung started the Swiss charter in the 50s to help teach the world beyond borders and his daughter Gret sold one his Charters in 1996. IMUNE was founded in 1996 by Professor Bill Nelson/Desire Dubounet to meet the need to offer internationally recognized Ph.D degrees in Biofeedback, Naturopathy, Electro-Acupuncture, Corporate + Personal Wellness, and a degree in Medicine centered on respect for the Natural.  All the while IMUNE is integrating holistic, alternative, natural medicine evidenced based on the science, quantum physics and consciousness.

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